What is Connecting Rods?

Connecting Rod is a structural member that transmit reciprocating motion and strength from piston to crankshaft. This component must be provide with enough rigidity and tenacity, to enhance durability of con-rods which is able to bear high pressure and tensile force. The most common usage of con-rods is in piston compressor or in internal combustion engines, etc.

How Connecting Rods are made?
  1. 1. Forged Connecting Rods
  2. 2. Rough Machining (Drilled Holes, Surface Grinding)
  3. 3. Heat Treatment
  4. 4. Finish Machining (Surface Grinding, Inside Diameter Grinding, Hole Boring)
  5. 5. Product Inspection


Material    Workholding    Milling
After processing    Comparison between Material and after processing    
What are the advantages of connecting rods made by forging?

The method of forging is making materials into a form by compressive forces. Using blow to eject impurities and voids from metal, to increase the strength of forging parts. Compare to casting, forged part has less edges, economies materials, and manufacture procedures.