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About Us

Royal Formosa Tiger Industrial Co., Ltd. (Royal Rods) was founded in 1987. The company has specialized over the years in manufacturing, designing and development of connecting rods for motorcycles, motocross, dirt bikes, outboards, jet skis, ATVs, small aircraft, snowmobiles, chain saws, and lawn mowers. Through our daily practices of innovation and hard work methodology over decades, our market has expanded to places around the world, including Japan, Europe, and South America.

Since quality is our best guarantee to customers, all Royal Rods’ products are built from AISI8620 and JIS SCM420H case-hardened steel, with undergo double forging and precision in manufacturing. The carburized depth of heat treatment is 0.8-1.2m/m and the hardness degree is HRC60-62. After passing through sub-zero treatment and honing, the roundness tester is within 0.003 and the surface tester Ra is within 0.2.

We are an OEM and aftermarket supplier and clients have fully trusted on us and their expectation to provide high quality in customized products has been successfully overpassed.

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